Scott County Tax Sale Information

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the date, time, and location of your tax sale?
A: At this date, April 30, 2014, no sale is being planned.

Q: How often do you hold tax sales?
A: Some Kansas counties have a tax sale every year. It depends on the amount of valuation that is delinquent on properties that may be sold. Since these sales are so costly, our foreclosure sales are somewhat sporadic.  Our last tax sale was in 2003.

Q: Is full payment of the winning bid required on the day of the sale?
A: Yes

Q: When and where will the tax sale be advertised?
A: The Scott County Record, 406 Main Street, Scott City, KS. 620-872-2090, It should run several weeks in the month before the sale.

Q: How and when do I register for the tax sale?
A: On the day of the sale, before bidding.

Q: Will you begin the bidding at the price of the taxes?
A: No.

Q: What are the payment requirements at the sale? And is there a deposit before the sale.
A: Personal or cashier checks, money orders, cash. Deposit is not required.

Q: Does your county offer a financing program?
A: No.

Q: What type of ownership document is issued at the sale?
A: A sheriff’s deed.

Q: Once a property is acquired through your tax sale, is there a redemption period before one can take possession?
A: No.  The redemption time has already been met.

Q: Do you allow investors to purchase at your tax sales without attending the tax sale?
A: No.

Q: What happens to the properties that are not sold at the auction?
A: The County becomes the owner and the property must be sold according to statute.

Q: Is a current list of properties available for purchase?
A: Yes, a tentative list is available for $5.00

Online Payment of Property Taxes

Through a partnership with and the Kansas County Treasurers Association (KCTA), the Scott County Treasurer's Office offers citizens the ability for online payment of property taxes. Citizens can go to Simply follow the instructions on the screen. Two payment options, credit card or electronic check, are available. This service allows fo r24x7 secure payment access from any Internet connection. 

Tax Distributor Calendar

Jan 20
All current tax collections from Nov 1 through Dec 31

March 20
All current & delinquent tax collections from Jan 1 through Feb 28

June 5
All current tax collections from March 1 through May 31

Sept. 20
All current tax collections from June 1 through Aug. 31

Oct 31
All current tax collections from Sept. 1 through Oct 31

These are also the dates that Neighborhood Revitalization rebates will be processed.